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This week the singer Lady Gaga premiered the video for her song 911; a production that was filmed in the city of Los Angeles, in which the former Venezuelan minister, Jessus Zambrano, participates as one of the protagonists.

“Without a doubt, it was a fascinating experience that leads me to recognize the impeccable work that Gaga places on each and every one of her productions; This material was released a few hours ago and already has more than 1,600,000 reproductions in YouTube, ”Jessus said.

Jessus Zambrano in 911

The model tells that there were three days of filming, where we lasted between 12 and 15 hours of recording, in which in her opinion, the American did not neglect even the talents.

“Lady is a simple, friendly, and very caring woman. From day one, she was aware of everything that happened on set. She supervised even the smallest detail, ensuring that the final art of the work was the best ”, refers to the model of the composer.

Zambrano also says that the task of being there was a bit uphill, however, he was able to achieve it. “A few days after I settled in Los Angeles, they informed me of this casting; They had told me that being among the selected models and actors was going to be a difficult task, since the choice was strict and rigorous; but there I am, happy and content with the opportunity ”.

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Jessus Zambrano is the Venezuelan among the talents of Lady Gaga's video | RCTV
Jessus Zambrano among the talents of new clip of Lady Gaga | Extra Venezuela