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The production was carried out in the city of Los Angeles, where the former Mister Venezuela 2012 has been based for approximately three months …

This Friday (September 18) the American singer and songwriter, Lady Gaga, premiered the video clip “911”; a production that was filmed in the city of Los Angeles and in which the model, businessman, actor, and former Mister Venezuela 2012, Jessus Zambrano, participates as one of the protagonists.

Jessus Zambrano – 911 (Lady Gaga)

The material shows the hallucination of the singer after she suffers a tragic accident within the drama. In the story, Zambrano is the one who dies as a result of the overturning of the vehicles, but while the real event of the story is unveiled, Jessus stands out in the imaginative confusion experienced by the artist. “Without a doubt, it was a fascinating experience that leads me to recognize the impeccable work that Gaga places on each and every one of her productions. This material was released a few hours ago and already has more than 1,600,000 views on YouTube, ”said Jessus.

How long did it take you to achieve this production?

They were three days of filming, where we lasted between 12 and 15 hours of recording.

How was the friction with the interpreter?

Lady is a simple, friendly, and very caring woman. From day one, she was aware of everything that happened on set. She supervised even the smallest detail ensuring that the final art of the work was the best.

Was it easy for you to get this audition?

I have been living in the city of Los Angeles for a few months, and a few days after I settled I was informed of this casting. They had told me that being among the selected models and actors was going to be a difficult task, since the choice was strict and rigorous; but there I am, happy and content with the opportunity. Being part of this project fills me with pride and encourages me to continue with more enthusiasm in this world of art and entertainment that is so passionate.

With this material Jessus reaffirms the artistic success she has achieved in the United States. So far she has participated in high-level productions related to cinema, theater, and now the musical world.

For more information you can follow him on his Instagram account: @jessuszambrano

Source: Sitara Magazine

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