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Despite the restrictions and all the commotion caused by the Coronavirus, organizations like the “US Film Festival” they continue working to offer entertainment and good news to lovers of cinema and its various formats; This is how they recently announced who are the nominees for the “Final of the Competition” that they will celebrate this year, and where the Venezuelan Jessus Zambrano entered thanks to his project “GreenCard”, a material that aspires to win the title of “Best Short Film International”.

This film was produced by Salto Ángel Pictures in association with Braven Films, a company that belongs to the Mexican Frida Torresblanco, executive producer of  “Pan’s Labyrinth” and other masterful stories of the seventh art. Along with them, a team of more than 50 people worked hand in hand with Jessus Zambrano “… All of them specialists and wonderful beings, people who managed to show a fascinating story that does not stray from the reality of many emigrants … I am very happy with the result obtained ”, commented Jessus.

“GreenCard” is a short film filmed in New York and tells the story of “Andrés Mora” an unfortunate Venezuelan who loses his identification and from then on unexpected events lead him to another direction. The drama was directed and starred by Jessus Zambrano and features the participation of Jay Alan Christopher, and T. Oliver Reid (winner of the “Tony” award). Along with them, the Venezuelan and winner of the EMMY 2017, Kaina Dominguez, stood out in the general production.

“Greencard more than a document, it is a symbol of hope for the emigrant … that is why we gave a lot of dedication, passion, and heart to this story, since it is a reality starred by many beings in the world” added the actor, model, and ex “Mister Venezuela 2012”, Jessus Zambrano.

The awards ceremony of the “USA Films Festival” will take place this April 27 in the United States through a ceremony that will not affect the sanitary measures announced worldwide to combat the affections of Covid19.

Source: El acaringueño

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